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5 Reasons to Add a Glass Top to Your Desk

Adding a glass table top is a convenient and stylish way to protect your wooden desk or table from wear, tear, and sun damage. Call the experts at Glass Doctor® at 855-603-1919. We’ll help you design the perfect glass tops and make sure they are cut to fit. 

Tired of looking for a coaster for your coffee cup every morning? Worried that your water bottle is leaving a mark on your desk? Custom glass tops for your desk created by the experts at Glass Doctor will keep it looking new while allowing you to show off its original color and grain.

5 Reasons to Choose Glass Doctor for Your Desktop Glass


  1. Style and Flair. Our glass specialists will custom cut glass tops to any shape and size and polish edges to eliminate sharp edges. Edges can be beveled or rounded for additional gusto. 
  2. Protection from sun damage. Wood can be damaged by harmful UV rays. Glass Doctor will make glass tops with tinted or coated glass to protect your furniture from the sun while keeping its beautiful finish.
  3. Protection from everyday wear and tear. The tops of desks endure heavy use, and after time, will start to show wear. A glass top from Glass Doctor offers protection from life’s spills, water marks, scratches and dings. Consider tempered glass, which is four times stronger than ordinary glass, for additional resistance to chips, scratches and shattering. 
  4. Easy to clean. A clean cloth dampened with water or window cleaner is all you need to keep the tops of your desks or tables clean when you add a glass top. 
  5. Free in-home consultation. We know how important it is to get the measurements of your desks and tables exactly right. That’s why our experts will come to your home at your convenience to offer advice on the design of the tops and take precise measurements to ensure the perfect fit.

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