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Glass Doctor Recommends These 5 Tools to Keep in Your Car

Summertime is travel time, and whether you’re off to the airport for that cross-country getaway or headed to your “stay-cation” across town, chances are you’ll use your car to help you get there. Properly maintaining your car with regular service check-ups is essential in getting from “A to B” smoothly, but what happens when you get a flat tire? Do you have the right tools to get back on the road and on to your destination? Don’t get stuck on the side of the highway in the dog days of summer – prepare for the unexpected and keep your car stocked with these five essential tools.

  1. The multi-tool – In a sticky situation, it would be ideal to have several different tools to get the job done. Instead, leave the toolbox in the garage and save space by investing in a multi-tool. Most multi-tools are stocked with pliers, wire cutters, screwdrivers, knives, a small saw and scissors. You’ll have everything you need to tackle any car-related conundrum!
  2. Tire pressure gauge/inflator – Flat tires happen to the best of us. A tire inflator will help plug and seal a leak so that you have enough time and air to make it to a professional. If your tire is low, a pressure gauge will help identify this fact before it turns into a problem. Check the label on the inside of your car door or owner’s manual to determine the right pressure for your tires.
  3. Hammer/seatbelt cutter – These tools can be found separately and in some cases as a two-in-one! In the event of an accident, a seatbelt cutter and a hammer (the kind specifically made to break window glass) will help free yourself and your family from an inhospitable car before help arrives. Keep it in the glove compartment or center console for easy access.
  4. Jumper cables – If you have jumper cables in your trunk, you’re a friend to all! Like flat tires, a dead battery can hit you anywhere, anytime – especially on those long road trips where a family member might accidentally turn on a car light and forget to turn it off. Not only will a passerby be more willing to help you if you’re prepared, but you’ll be able to help others as well.
  5. Emergency flashlight – A road trip reality? You’ll most likely find yourself driving at night. In any travel emergency, it helps to have a good flashlight. Whether you need to fix a flat in the dark or your little one lost a toy between the seats, it’s a good idea to have a flashlight that is bright and small enough to easily fit in your glove box. Have a few extra batteries on hand just in case! 

Don’t be stopped at the rest stop for longer than you intended – keep your car stocked with essential tools to keep your family safe this summer and all year round. Need work done on your automotive glass?

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